Emergency Preparedness

St. Cyril School is one of many schools participating in “The Great Southern California Shake Out” (see www.shakeout.org/schools/). Prior to this occasion, we implemented an emergency plan to maintain a high standard of safety for our children and staff at St. Cyril’s. 

Emergency Plan

In the event of an emergency that would necessitate an early release of your child(ren), you will receive contact via email and text through SchoolSpeak. The SchoolSpeak system is designed to provide you information about the status of the emergency on our school campus; however, in the event of a catastrophic emergency, phone, text and e-mail messages may be unavailable, at which point we suggest you safely make your way to the Firmament side of the school to retrieve your child(ren). PLEASE KNOW THAT WE WILL REMAIN ON CAMPUS UNTIL THE LAST CHILD HAS BEEN CHECKED OUT BY AN AUTHORIZED ADULT.

Our “Emergency Team” has prepared SIX steps for you to read carefully so that you know where and how your child(ren) can be released from school in the event of an emergency. Please refer to the attached map of our campus showing where this release will take place.  We suggest that you place a copy of this plan in a safe place after reading through it carefully, so that you can reference it quickly (i.e. a copy in the glove box of each family car).



  2. Await direction from “Send Word Now” following an emergency. If phones, text messages or e-mail are unavailable, proceed carefully to St. Cyril’s School.

  3. Child(ren) will be released at the Firmament Avenue Gate. The Firmament Avenue and Ventura Boulevard parking lots are reserved for Faculty and Emergency Vehicle parking ONLY. DO NOT attempt to drive and/or park in these lots to pick up your child(ren). Park on adjacent streets and walk to the gate.

  4. Line up (on foot) on the Firmament Avenue parking lot side of the fence, in the grade level line of your youngest child. Grade level numbers are labeled on the fence.

  5. Sign your child(ren) out with your youngest child's teacher. NOTE: If you have a child in Pre-K, you will check him/her out separately.

  6. If you are picking up a child(ren) from another family, you must be on that family’s emergency card as an adult authorized to pick-up the child(ren). PLEASE PICK UP YOUR CHILD(REN) FIRST, then proceed to the line of the youngest child of the other family, and sign him/her out. The paperwork you will be signing will designate who picked up your child(ren), the time, and where the child(ren) are going. This will notify others from your family or another family that may later attempt to retrieve the child(ren) at school, where and when the child(ren) was picked-up.