Lunch Program

St. Cyril School offers an optional lunch program through local vendors who deliver lunches to school each day. Please place your orders no later than 10 a.m.  Vendors are only permitted to make one delivery.

Mr. Jiffy

Call (818) 982-1112 by 10:00 am to place a daily order and pay by credit card. Orders for an entire month can be made using the order form that is sent home once each month in the family envelope. Monthly orders are returned to school in the family envelope accompanied by a check. The cost of a lunch is $5.00. Check the Family Envelope for the current month's menu.  Mr. Jiffy's FAX # is 818-982-8067. 


Call (818) 906-0597 by 11:00 am to place a daily order. Payment is generally made by setting up a deposit in advance. Infrequent orders can be paid by cash or credit card. Menu items include an assortment of sandwiches, pizza and pasta and a drink for $5.00. You can also  FAX your order to Ameci's the night before: 818-906-7529.  Make sure to include the school, & your child's name and grade and the school in your fax.

Corner Bakery

Call (818) 981-7514  by 10:00 am to place your order. They will deliver anything on their menu.  You'll need to provide your credit card over the phone to order. 

Nuts 'N Berries Cafe 

Call (818)-501-6808. They offer quality healthy food, fresh, all natural and organic. They also offer gluten free and vegetarian options.


Order DEADLINE is the last Friday of each month by no later than 10am –drop off your order on the Subway bin located in the office. You can also send your form in your child’s Family Envelope during that last week of the month. PLEASE NOTE: The school will NOT be responsible for late orders – NO EXCEPTIONS. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to fax (please always call to make sure they received your fax) or to go directly to Subway if you missed the deadline. Subway fax# (818) 990-5791.

  1. Subway Order Instructions
  2. Subway Kid's Meal - 4 Week Order Form
  3. Subway Kid's Meal - Week 5 Order Form
  4. Subway LUNCH BOX - 4 Week Order Form
  5. Subway LUNCH BOX - Week 5 Order Form

Parents are also welcome to bring lunches purchased at another vendor. These must be dropped of at the school office & set out on the lunch table in front of the library under your child's grade.. Check the Parent FAQs section in Parent Resources for recess and lunch times.