Dropoff & Pickup

Please remember that the rules for the school-drop off and pick-up are designed with your child's safety in mind.

The only place to drop-off or pick-up your children without walking them on campus is the pick-up lane located in the Ventura parking lot.  Please do not pull over to the curb on Haskell or Firmament to drop off your children as it is unsafe to do so.  Cars must enter the pick-up lane only from Ventura Blvd.  Absolutely no phones are allowed for drivers in the pick-up lane.

During drop-off in the morning, cars should follow the instructions of the line supervisors and pull all the way forward to the car in front of them or to the end of the drop-off lane.  Children exiting from the passenger side of the car should walk around the front of the car to their classrooms.

If you prefer to walk your child to class in the morning, you must park on the surrounding streets and walk your child through one of the three approved entrances.  You can enter through the school office entrance, the Firmament gate or the personnel gate located on the east side of the Ventura Lot.  

If you arrive late to school, you must park on Haskell and walk your child into the school office to check-in.

While waiting in the pick-up line for the students to be dismissed, please line cars up in two lanes in the Ventura lot.  Don't wait until the first line is full before creating a second line. Create a second line right away.  If you are parked in a stall in the Ventura lot, do not attempt to back into the pick-up lane while it is occupied.  Wait a few minutes for the lane to clear.

If you plan to walk on campus to pick up your children, please meet your children at their classroom or near the flagpole where they assemble for the pick-up lane.  Students will not be permitted to walk over to the pavilion or any other place on campus to meet their parents.

If you arrive late for pick-up you must enter through the the school office or the Firmament gate to pick up your child at Daycare.  Children may not wait in the school office to be picked up.  After 3:15, pick-up is through the Firmament gate only.  Students in after school sports will be supervised by their coach and should be picked up from the Ventura lot. 

Students in 6th - 8th grade may obtain a walking permit with parent permission. This will allow them to leave campus on their own. All students walking off campus must exit through the front office and check out with Mrs. Kisar. Students will not be allowed to leave campus through any other exit. Once a student has left campus, they are not allowed to return to campus. 

These rules have been implemented to ensure the safety of the children.  Please follow the rules and teach your children to do likewise.