After-School Sports Program FAQ


1. Who should I contact if I have questions about the After-School Sports Program?

Mr. Alfred Sterling, Athletic Director, coordinates the After-School Sports Program.  Please direct all of your sports questions to Mr. Sterling.  He can be reached at or you can leave a message for him at his extension.

2. When can my child participate in the After-School Sports Program?

It depends on the sport that they are participating in. Children in 5th - 8th grade can participate in all sports we offer. Additionally, children is grades 3rd and 4th can participate in our track program and children in grades K- 4th can also participate in our swim program.  “B Teams” are open to 5th and 6th graders.  The Valley Catholic Sports League also allows 4th graders to have a team when we have a coach.  “A Teams” are open to 7th and 8th graders.  Registration takes place at the beginning of the school year and again before each sports season.  St. Cyril’s School is a member of the Valley Catholic Sports League.

Sports Seasons:

  • Fall - Swim, Flag Football & Girls Volleyball (Sept – Nov)

  • Winter – Girls Basketball & Boys Basketball (Dec – Feb)

  • Spring – Boys Volleyball, Girls Softball, and Track (March – May)

3. What is our After-School Sports Program Philosophy?

Athletics teach us vital life lessons and they are an incredibly important aspect of our school curriculum. Participation in sports teaches children how to function as a member of a team, how to conduct themselves with dignity in winning and in losing, how to effectively manage a busy schedule, and how to develop physical skills. We hope these experiences contribute to the development of a positive self-image and a healthy, active lifestyle. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for all children to participate in sports in a fun, instructional, and supportive atmosphere where they can enjoy learning these valuable lessons together.  The Los Angeles Archdiocese and Valley Catholic Sports League have adopted the Play Like A Champion Today approach to youth athletics developed at the University of Notre Dame.  All coaches at Catholic schools playing within the Valley Catholic Sports League must be trained in this approach.  

Key components of Play Like A Champion Today include:

  • Sport is play – enjoyment comes from effort, hard work, and striving for excellence

  • Participation in sports promotes moral, character, physical, and spiritual development

  • Children learn sportsmanship, develop their athletic skills, and learn to work as a team to achieve mutual goals while playing sports

  • After school sports are open to ANY child (in grades 5 – 8, sometimes 4th) who wants to play, regardless of ability level

  • No tryouts or cutting players from teams

Playing Time Goals:

  • B Team (5th & 6th Grades) – As close to equal playing time as possible for each player

  • A Team (7th & 8th Grades) – At least 25% time for each player

For more information go to or click here for Playing Time Statement.

4. How much is the “sports fee” and what does it cover?

The sports fee of $60 per sport is used to help cover the cost of equipment, league fees, coach stipends, field rental fees, payment of referees, tournament fees, costs associated with coaching requirements, and sports awards given at the end of the school year.  In the past, the City of Los Angeles allowed us to use their fields for free.  Starting in 2012, we were required to pay a substantial fee for using their fields during practices and games.

5. When and where are practices held?

The practice schedule and location for each sport is posted on the school website prior to the start of each season.  Practices are typically held 3 days per week after school (days and times to be determined for each team).   Volleyball and Basketball teams practice on campus (on the school yard or in the school hall).  Flag Football and Softball practices are held at off-campus fields (see website for each sport).  Parents are responsible for providing transportation to and from off-campus locations.  Athletes should be picked up promptly at the end of each practice by a parent or guardian. Check the St. Cyril School website on days when weather conditions or air quality may cause a practice to be changed or cancelled.   

6. What should I know about Game Days?

Game schedules are posted online at St. Cyril School and at the Valley Catholic Sports League  Check these websites regularly for changes and/or cancellations.  Parents are responsible for providing transportation to and from games held at off-campus locations.  Athletes may wear their uniform to school on game days.

7. How do I order a uniform and what is the cost?

Athletes wear the same uniform (jersey and shorts) for most sports.  Uniforms can be purchased to be worn for multiple years or rented per season.   You can order a uniform for your child by indicating the need for a uniform on the Sports Registration Form or by contacting Mr. Alfred Sterling at  The cost of a uniform varies per sport, but can be worn multiple seasons, unless the uniform is discontinued by the manufacturer or the student outgrows it.  Black softball pants are worn instead of shorts for Girls Softball.  Athletes may wear green, gold or white softball socks.  These can be purchased at any sporting goods store.

8. Does my child need any special sports equipment?

The following equipment is recommended by the Valley Catholic Sports League:

  • Volleyball – Knee Pads

  • Basketball – High Top Shoes

  • Softball – Cleats and Gloves

  • Flag Football

  • Mouthpieces are REQUIRED for Flag Football and MUST NOT be clear or white.

9. How can I help?

We need parents to help in a variety of capacities.  There are a number of jobs that help the After-School Sports Program run smoothly.  Please contact Mr. Alfred Sterling at or leave a message for her in the school office if you are interested in volunteering.  Service hours will be given when you volunteer to help in the following ways:

  • Score Keeper (for home games)

  • Team Parent (team communication, coordinate snack assignment, etc.)

  • Team Photographer (document and take pictures)