iPad Program

iPad Program

Technology is a vital tool that is implemented in all subjects through time in the Innovation Lab, use of computers in classrooms and utilization of interactive SmartBoards. Students store their work in Google Drive so they can function on a device in many different locations and demonstrate both knowledge and skill in any subject through use of technology in addition to traditional methods.

Some of the technology in the school includes: 

  • Wi-Fi access throughout the school

  • Interactive SmartBoards

  • iPad devices available for use by each classroom and one-to-one in Jr. High

  • Smart Table available for Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms

  • Innovation Lab: MacBook-based, project-centered, and available to all students

  • Robotics/Coding for Junior High

  • Interactice LegoMath Kits for grades K-2

  • Video Production elective for Jr. High

Technology Related Forms: