VIRTUS® Protecting God's Children Adult Awareness Session is a three-hour training that helps clergy, staff, volunteers and parents to understand the facts and myths about child sexual abuse; how perpetrators operate; and how caring adults can take five important steps to keep children safe. The parent session also stresses monitoring of computers, cell phones and other technology that perpetrators use to gain access to children and young people.

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles mandates this training for all adults working with children. This education component helps prevent child sexual abuse by first making every adult employee and volunteer aware of the issues surrounding child sexual abuse. This includes awareness of the many ways sexual abuse harms its victims, their families, the parish, and the community. The awareness session also helps adults learn to recognize the warning signs of abuse and shows them the appropriate way to respond to suspicious behavior. Finally, the awareness session empowers each person with five steps to help prevent child sexual abuse. More than 50,000 priests, deacons, parish and school staff members and volunteers have already participated in these sessions throughout the five Pastoral Regions of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Our goal is to provide this training to all adults who work with children so we can work together as a more effective community to prevent child sexual abuse. For more information, please go online to:


Virtus Class is required for all staff and parents working or volunteering with our students.

In order to be a volunteer with our students (coaching, room parent, field trips, library help, lunch duty, jogathon, etc.), it is mandated by the Archdiocese to have completed the Protecting God's Children Virtus class.   We have held several classes on campus to help parents get certified conveniently.  If you've been unable to make it to one of our classes, please find one here-view list of sessions- register to take it, and bring the office your certificate of completion. Scroll down to Los Angeles-San Fernando Valley Region to find a class in our area. Make sure you are taking the 3 hour, Protecting God's Children course.

After you've taken the three hour VIRTUS class, and in order to continue to be considered an “active” volunteer, you must register online at .

Approximately a week after you register, Virtus will begin sending you an email monthly with a link to a quick article & one question to answer.  You must keep up to date with these emails to volunteer. 

Once a calendar year (every January), the office will be asking you to print out and send in your onlinevTraining Report to show that you’ve been keeping up with your training.  The Archdiocese requires you to continue training online, and the Training Bulletin Report is your proof of compliance.


It is your responsibility to bring your VIRTUS certificate of completion to the
St Cyril office. 
  They do not provide us with a list.  We will not know you've taken the class unless you give us your certificate

All parent-volunteers must be Virtus trained!